Advanced Diagnostics is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s premiere Energy Psychology practice founded by Dr. Gregory J. Nicosia, Ph.D. He along with his wife Jean Nicosia, L.S.W. have been healing the mind, body, and spirit since 1984. Advanced Diagnostics offers a variety of services including individual psychotherapy, EMDR, cognitive retraining, neurofeedback, psychological testing, forensic psychological investigations and more! Please visit the The Practice page for more information.

Join Dr. Nicosia at the 21st Annual Energy Psychology Conference “The Art & Science of Transformational Change” in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM. Click the image below for more details.

Treating Pain with Energy Psychology
One person’s experience with untreatable pain that after months of unsuccessful treatment for post-surgical pain, energy psychology interventions provided the answer.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Listen to Dr. Nicosia discuss the basics of Energy Psychology on Tapping with Joan, hosted by Joan Kaylor.

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Listen to Dr. Nicosia discuss how Energy Psychology can be used to help alleviate the negative emotions resulting from the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. This was recorded by Sven Hosford for an article on Energy Medicine produced by Peaceburgh.