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ThoughtWorks® Creation Audio
Hear Dr. Nicosia guide you through a creative use of your mind’s potential as you learn the practice of creating positive life experience. You are what you think and with your thoughts you are creating your future life experience. Begin exploring the creative potential of your mind by downloading ThoughtWorks® Creation for FREE. ThoughtWorks!
Download ThoughtWorks® Creation.

Live Lecture/Demonstration at the Health & Fitness Exposition
2 hour videotape captures the interest and imagination of the audience as they learn about thought energy and experience for themselves how it works. Included is group treatment of 50 people for love pain and related enduring negative emotional experience. A great introduction for you and your clients.
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Wisdom Channel Interview with Dr. Gregory Nicosia
A nationally broadcast interview explores the nature and uses of thought energy based psychotherapy
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Healing the Bodymind Audio
Dr. Nicosia guides you through a 1/2 hour exploration of soothing inner work that catalyzes the mind’s healing potentials and the effect improvement in physical health and wellbeing.
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ThoughtWorks® Creation Transcripts
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